Really simple training … next generation template for ?

I do love people who like to explain things really simply. Out of all of the big work that went into increasing voter turn out for the last US election this is the output that I think could be reused by NGOs, small charities or anyone is organizing anything.

Because not only did they do it, but they took trouble to explain it simply: from theory of change, through managing contacts, data management (yes teaching Excel, Access and SQL) through to facilitating and being effective. Now, I’m not even saying that this would be a website directly useful to most NGO people because you would have to do a lot of translation back to context. But do you like the style? the format? the idea?

In short: is this what you would like your easy guide to tech to look like?

It’s giving me an idea….

Have a look: New Organizing Institute


I found this looking for – still sadly inactive – so sad! was until April this year THE go-to place for case studies and resources for ICT4D organised so helpfully by sector: health, emergencies, child protection, etc. Sadly it’s all gone and I can’t find where the replacement is. They say it’s out of date and can’t be updated – is FrontlineSMS, built in 1995 out of date?! It’s reaching it’s heyday! sub-Sahara Africa needs a resource for easy, downloadable tech. But maybe that is no longer it.

Social Tech Census is perhaps the next version…. stimulated by Oxfam Novib.

But it doesn’t have the bulk of data yet … a search for “child protection” or “RapidFTR” brought up nothing. At least it is available in Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

What’s your resource for ICT4D? Your go-to place? Would you like it to look like the NOI site? Or is this tool Western-ized? Does each region need its own site? Or each NGO?


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