Why? Essentially it’s a beautiful universal truth that we all have agency. We all have the power to change ourselves and our world. This post explains the story behind the name and what this blog aims to do.

‘We all have agency’ is the blog of Becky Thorn. Please note that the views expressed here do not represent those of the organisations for which I work or have worked.

Me: I am working as a freelance consultant available to both NGOs and private sector orgs with the aim of helping both ‘techies’ (in whatever discipline) and ‘non-techies’ to navigate the journeys of change together (which may or may not involve software development).

I listen, I translate in & out of ‘tech speak’, I design of a common framework and I am there before, during and after you embark on new projects.

In industry terms I am a Business Analyst and/or Project Manager and also a Trainer. I draw on 8 years of experience working across sectors: for NGOs, small charities, UK public and private organisations and across borders both on the ground and remotely (Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Myannmar, India, US, Australia). To find out more here‘s my Linked In page.

To go with the launch of my new offering, I am gently exploring the space overlapping NGOs/tech (aka ICT4D) with this new blog which aims to inspire you.

You: This blog is aimed at both NGO staff and at techies* who want to work with NGOs and importantly, to bring them closer to understanding each other’s worlds.

  • If you are an NGO worker and find the possibilities of tech or even ICT4D any of: overwhelming, irrelevant, incomprehensible, unrelatable to the work you are doing or the needs that you see then this blog is for you.
  • If you’re a ‘just-want-to-do-good-techie’ but don’t get the world of NGOs then this is for you.
  • If you’re a wizened techie who has been around the block and is looking for inspiration and insight then this is for you. *Note: sorry if you don’t like the ‘techie’ label, you’ll find I use it all the time.

BUT whoever you are please also feel free to lay your fresh insights or wisdom here too – comments and even ‘guest bloggers’ welcomed.

Us: I am offering out my services as well so if you’re interested in having a chat about how I could help you for a day or longer then please be in touch.

With the Kitojo Chilli Growers Group on buying day, Uganda 2009

With the Kitojo Chilli Growers Group on buying day, Uganda 2009


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