We all have agency … the beginning

castle ashby photo

The English countryside

Last December in a small church hall in the English countryside, a team of 20 international development workers who had bonded together, awkwardly at first but with increasing purpose towards the end, were facing the disestablishment of the team and the departure of the team leader.

This in itself isn’t worthy of navel gazing or public scrutiny: times change, people move on, deal with it. However what happened next, at least to this team member, is worth some thought and, I hope, worthy of any time spent reading this by anyone else.

I started a new look at the age-old quest: identity. Who am I? What am I doing here? Who is the modern world? What do the most vulnerable in the world need? How do I best serve people in need given my gifts and weaknesses?

But what spurred me on is the parting words of that team leader: “you all have agency”.

I have also (10 days ago) left World Vision (the world’s largest NGO) and am now discovering what it means to try to switch on that agency self-motivated and steer it towards new goals. Where the desire to keep working for the world’s most vulnerable people comes up against the pressing challenge to meet my own basic needs via earning money.

So … why follow this blog?

  1. ICT4D – for those who don’t know anything about ICT4D but do know me from my 2 yrs of ICT4D work at World Vision, I hope to point people to useful sites and give my own experiences and advice – but this isn’t just an ‘ICT4D blog’ (that market is already saturated)…
  2. Business Analysis – this is my ‘official’ skill set that I’m trained to offer so I hope to provide reflections on what a Business Analyst is, what it can do for your organisation or project, and how it’s done… especially in an NGO context – trying to bring in and match up participatory concepts from community development and from business: one of the ‘outcomes’ (good NGO word) I hope is that charity/NGO people will better be able to understand business/techies and vice versa.
  3. ‘Other’ reasons – I can’t tell you now what’s going to be on here in two months time!!…. maybe nothing…. could be a bit of maths (which I love), could be a bit of spiritual or personal journey stories (triumphing over adversity – or not – let’s keep it authentic), could be a bit about children living despite disability in SW Uganda, could be …… what would you like to see? If you’re here it’s because you know me and have heard me witter on about something…. was it of any use? Comment below and I’ll get it on here…. (remember YOU have agency)

If the content here is useful and folk want to contract me in to put this knowledge into action then this may also be the beginning of the ‘We All Have Agency’ Agency. Now that would be rather exciting….


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