UNICEF Innovation predictions for new partnerships, new processes and new tech

This is an interesting post from the UNICEF Innovation Unit (have you heard of them yet?).

It looks fairly similar to DfID’s Digital strategy. Borne out of a UK Gov wide push on digital strategies.

Does the UN have a Digital strategy? It would be great to see NGOs and some governments and the UN and CBOs contributing to a common strategy or at least agreeing some DADD type principles on innovation and tech. Maybe this already exists? Not as a standalone strategy but more of an operational strategy underneath their overarching development strategy (now does this exist?!). I guess every sector has its own strategy e.g. SUN for nutrition. What does that mean for the I-just-want-to-do-good-techies? Go get stuck into to a sector specific strategy and find your calling!! There isn’t necessarily a ‘tech strategy’ going to be handed to you on a plate, let alone someone tailoring a ‘neat problem’ to solve. That’s development, there isn’t anything neat about it. And that’s why I love it!

So now here’s a problem for fellow ‘North’-based NGO people. DfID’s digital strategy covers many of the UNICEF Innovation predictions but also points to more direct relationships from ‘North’ donors to ‘South’ beneficiary organisations enabled by tech like akvo.org.

What does this mean for ‘North’ based NGOs and convening organisations e.g. UN in NY? Change of role? Less admin more advocacy? Is this worth even questioning?

Does tech only automate admin and strip out the important advocacy that goes with every conversation to donors? 

Answers welcome below….Image


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